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Why Genesis?

Our Approach

Jervey Genesis Solutions was built on the reputation of doing what is right, fair, ethical, and in the best interest of our clients.

All Inclusive Financial Planning

Have you ever planted a seed and forgotten to water it? You know, there’s more work to growing beautiful flowers or even a tree than just dropping a seed in the ground. When the ground’s dry, we water it. When it’s cold we protect it. A lot of advisors and planners will show you a pretty picture of a flower or a tree and drop your plan/investment seed in the ground and then forget about it. At Genesis we believe it’s what we do after we plant the seed that matters and more importantly why we are planting the seed. Whether you are just starting to plant the seeds, you have a tree that has grown and bares fruit, or have a tree and it’s time to reap what you’ve sown, you can expect from us that we will be a partner to see you through the good times in life and the bad times.

Investment Management.

In the past we’ve met many investors who did not understand the “seasonality” of their investments. Every portfolio will go through cycles or seasons. There will be times when new buds of opportunity will appear. There will be times of prodigious growth. There will be times when we harvest from that growth. And, quite frankly, there will be times when the tree will look barren in its winter season. We’ve seen too many people who want to uproot their tree in the middle of the winter. These people never prosper. With just little patience they would have seen the season change and new growth appear. These things are all cyclical. We view your portfolio as a valuable growing tree. Our job is to know when to water it (buy new investments), when to harvest it (sell), when to fertilize it (buy) and when to prune (sell). With patience and care we know it will grow strong and fruitful.

Advice you can understand

We will educate you on the pros and cons of every solution, to help you make the best decision. Doing so, allows you to understand what is taking place with your money. Our ongoing processes and communications provide continual transparency so you will stay informed on the markets and know what’s happening with your investments.

Fee Transparency

You should know what you are paying your Financial Planner/Investment Advisor. Our fees are based on the complexity of your financial plan and/or the size of your investment portfolio. Unlike many firms, we have no incentive to “churn” your account since we don’t earn commissions. We are not incentivized to recommend specific products to earn bonus or special trips. Basing fees on the complexity of your plan or size of your investment portfolio aligns our interest with yours. In other words, we succeed when you succeed.

Simplifying your financial life

We want to add convenience to your lives and many of our services are designed to do just that. Whether working in tandem with your other advisors or providing holistic planning services, we’re on your team and offer simplicity and clarity to you.

Financial Solutions For Every Season Of Life

At Genesis we believe it’s what we do after we plant the seed that matters and more importantly why we are planting the seed.

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