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At Genesis we are here to help you no matter your age, income level, or net worth. All levels below receive the same high level of service and expertise.

Level 1:

You might fit in this category if:

  • You have 5 – 10 years or less in the workforce, Just got married or starting a family
  • You need cash flow management, budgeting strategies, or not sure where to save
  • You are wondering if you should rent or buy
  • You are balancing paying off debt with retirement savings and future purchases
  • You want to start tax planning
  • You want to understand the investment opportunities available to you
  • You are seeking objective advice about basic insurance coverage and estate design
  • You want to build a framework for making financial decisions.


  • You are interested in exploring the timing of retirement or financial independence;
  • You have a business or a church.
  • You want to be more proactive in your tax planning;
  • You have savings in 401(k) and/or IRA accounts;
  • You might be considering education planning for young children;

Level 2:

You might fit in this category if:

  • You have the characteristics of level 1 to a more complex degree;
  • You are established in your career, approaching retirement or in retirement
  • You seek advice on pre-retirement decisions or post-retirement decisions
  • You may have existing insurance policies and/or estate documents;
  • You may have received an inheritance or other windfall;
  • You have accumulated a moderate level of investments including real estate.


  • You have multiple sources of compensation;
  • Stock options or restricted stocks make up an appreciable percentage of your net worth;
  • You have participated in deferred compensations for several years and have multiple elections;
  • You are the primary owner of a business that has multiple employees.

Level 3:

You might fit in this category if:

  • You have a highly complex overall financial situation, or have one particularly complex service area;
  • You have characteristics of level 2 but to a more complex degree;
  • You have multiple levels of income or are a business owner;
  • You have sophisticated investments;
  • You own complicated insurance policies.
  • You have a large estate

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