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Life Centered Financial Solutions

3D Solutions Process

Step 1: Discovery. We will schedule a one hour meeting with you as our introductory meeting. This meeting’s sole purpose is to see if it’s a good fit for us to work together and define the scoop of our potential relationship. You will receive a discovery packet that tell us a little bit about you, and your current financial position. Selecting a Financial Planner/Investment Advisor is a big deal, it’s like selecting your doctor. You want to be comfortable with that person and have the ability to build not just professional relationship but a personal one as well.

Step 2: Design. After all information has been gathered, we will construct your plan. Behind the scenes before the presentation we will be analyzing the information provided, evaluating the information against your financial goals, identifying and evaluating financial planning alternatives to see if the current course is sufficient. Recommendations will be developed based on the selected alternatives and current course of action in an effort to reasonably meet the client’s objectives. In the design meeting we will take your needs, turn them into goals that are measurable and attainable, and present the solution to put us on track for those respective goals.

Step 3: Deploy. Once we have confirmed the plan is ready to be put in place, the next step is to help with the heavy lifting of implementation. If you choose to hire Genesis for ongoing services and the monitoring of your plan, we will provide the necessary paperwork to establish our new partnership.

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