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At Jervey Genesis Solutions, we want to provide you with financial solutions for every season of life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of services aimed at meeting the individual needs of our clients.

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Client Centered

We take a unique, streamlined approach to answering your questions and determining if our firm is a good match for your financial needs. Our 3-D process will also give you, and us, a good understanding of your financial situation, and your goals. After determining your financial path, we implement our F.I.T. Assessment. This assessment shows your current financial shape, suggests strategic adjustments, and tracks your progress to financial independence. These approaches remove the guesswork and you’ll never be left wondering about the progress of your financial vision.

Our services include wealth management, financial planning, investment management, and business planning. We also specialize in tax planning, because we all have to pay the IRS but we don’t have to give them a tip!

Whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, see what Jervey Genesis Solutions can do for you.

Wealth Management

Is the ongoing process of preserving and growth of existing wealth. You graduate to this once you have reached your level of financial independence.

Financial Planning

Is the ongoing process of creating wealth to meet financial goals within specific time horizons and charting a path to becoming financial independent.

Investment Management

Is the ongoing process of implementing a strategy for handling financial assets and other investments to generate the rate of return needed to accomplish a financial goal.

Business Planning

Is identifying what actions a business owner needs to take to reach financial independence and preparing for the risk that could eliminate it from happening.

Financial Solutions For Every Season Of Life

At Genesis we believe it’s what we do after we plant the seed that matters and more importantly why we are planting the seed.

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